Acquisition Assistance

Collector Car Acquisition Assistance provides expert advice to clients who have identified a classic vehicle for purchase or are starting or adding to a collector car collection.  We work on your behalf to locate that special car you’re looking for, and then help you to verify the vehicle’s authenticity. We can also help you through the purchase process if you so desire.

We’re connected with classic automobile experts and collectors across the country, most on a first name basis.  Let us help you through the maze to find your perfect car and have fun doing it! For help with classic car acquisitions contact

Rare Parts Acquisition Assistance

Alan Colvin started writing his books from information collected from over a decade at swap meets, junk yards and major parts shows. He placed all of this information in a little black book that he carried around with him in his pocket.  Years later, this data, along with months of research conducted at GM plants, became the basis for the Chevrolet by the Numbers book series.   Tap these years of classic-car-parts verification experience, along with connections with collector car part experts across the country, to find rare car parts that you just can’t seem to locate.   If it is out there – we’ll find it! Contact for help with rare car parts acquisitions.