“I have worked with Alan in both his current position and in previous positions. His knowledge of the automotive aftermarket is not only broad, but deep as well. He also has demonstrated excellent follow up skills on projects that we have worked together on always staying on top of action items that need completed. My work with him has always been very professional and positive. Alan has the ability to multi-task several projects at a time and move them forward. He is an asset to any team.”

Jim Barber, Owner, Classic Automotive Restoration Specialists, Inc./Current ARMO President

“My experience with Alan has been as a contributor to a Corvette article in Corvette Fever magazine. The article was about my collection of Corvettes accumulated over my career as a plant manager of the Corvette assembly plant in Bowling Green Kentucky. Alan’s quality of work is outstanding and well respected in the Corvette hobby. His word is golden. If he tells you something you can believe it will be accurate and to the point.”

Wil Cooksey, Former Plant manager of GM Bowling Green Assy Corvette Plant

“Alan is a highly effective communicator and excellent editor – Highly detailed, he is well known in journalistic circles with great automotive knowledge.”

Cam Benty, Former Editorial Director/Editor, Petersen Publishing/Current VP of Marketing for Flowmaster

“Alan is a tremendous asset to any corporation. He has numerous contacts and is well respected in the industry. I would at any time have him part of my team!”

Jeff Nowicki, President, Specter Werkes/Sports Inc.

“Alan was my Editor for more than five years at Corvette Fever magazine. Under his direction, the magazine was redesigned and re-juvenated, and became more authoritive and intelligent – reflecting his own professional attitude. Alan has an extraordinary depth of knowledge on the technical aspects of American motor vehicles, and a rare ability to communicate this too.”

Tom Falconer, Former Columnist for Corvette Fever Magazine (RightHand Drive)/Owner of Clarmont Corvette near London, England

“Alan is very personable and is without a doubt an expert within the car hobby. He’s a pleasure to work with and has always been very creative.”

Lance Miller, Partner at Carlisle Events

“Alan is very,very knowledgeable within the car hobby. I had the pleasure to work with him a year and a half ago when we were doing a cover photo shoot with my Corvette. He was very easy to work with and seemed to always have the audience in mind when shooting/capturing the car. Alan is very articulate and has the perfect mindset for an editor – He is also well known within the industry for his work with unique automotive knowledge. I would definitely recommend his talents.”

Tracey Richardson, President, Teaching Lean Inc.

“I’ve worked with Alan on a number of different projects and they have all been very positive experiences. I particularly enjoyed the writer/editor relationship that developed during the years he was editor of Corvette Fever magazine. He has vision, dedication and follows through on his commitments.”

Dave Emanuel, Former Columnist for Corvette Fever Magazine (Techline)/, Editor, Performance Publishing,Owner of Random Technology

“Alan is a passionate editor who stives for perfection! He is creative…but understands the business aspect of the magazine business. Get’s the job done!”

Curt Patterson, Former Advertising Dirctor, Dobbs Publishing Group/President of Patterson Publishing

“Alan provided excellent coverage of National Corvette Museum events, activities and special displays with knowledgable writing and supervision of articles that showed a thorough knowledge in a manner that was interesting to the reader.”

Roc Linkov, Events Manager, National Corvette Museum

“I’ve known Alan for more than a decade. He has an amazing knowledge of automotive history, and a keen eye for detail. The work he did for me as editor of two car collector magazines was always well received by the readers. His reference guides are indispensable for hobbyists and professionals working to restore classic cars.”

Matthew Wiseman, President at Potato Communications

“I first became acquainted with Alan during his tenure as Editor at Corvette Fever magazine. During this time Alan often came to me for additional information or to verify some data in regards to the Corvette Grand Sport, showing he is a stickler for details and a high level of accuracy. He has a wonderful writing style, professional yet instantly friendly, and these traits have come to make him and his work very well respected in the Corvette world.”

John (Hutch) Hutchinson, Owner/Manager, Corvette Grand Sport Registry

“Alan is an classic car industry expert with solid auto industry management experience, he was an excellent manager for us at Autocomm. His technical ability is obvious with the series of books he has written on the auto industry. He has a great grasp of the business angles and relationships and I look forward to working with Alan in current and future endeavors.”

Eric Gettemy, Former VP/Partner, AutoComm Inc./Current SW Regional Director at AIM

“Have worked with Alan in a variety of ways and capacities over 15 years. Super capable journalist, photographer, and car guy. In addition to our professional interactions, I keep a set of his Chevrolet by the Numbers books within an arms reach as they are an incredible resource. Always a pleasure to work with.”

Tom Christmann, Marketing Manager, Mecum Auctions

“Alan is very knowledgable in Vette products as well as an accomplisted editor/ writer. He has been in the business for many years and has the experience to understand how products work”

Michael Jonas, President, Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation