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by Cara Barrett on April 6, 2011

Dave Emanuel began his career in automotive journalism in 1970, when his first article was published in Car Craft magazine. Since then, his byline has appeared on over 2,000 magazine articles. He has also written nine books and has appeared in numerous instructional videos and on the nationally televised TNN program Road Test Magazine.

A thorough knowledge of a subject is required before an author can write authoritatively about it and Dave gained his knowledge about automobiles the old-fashioned way—he broke them. Even before he acquired a driver’s license, Dave experienced the joy of popping the clutch and the agony of replacing a transmission.

It wasn’t long after that initial wrench-turning experience that Dave made his first visits to a drag strip, first as a spectator, then as a competitor. After several years of racing experience, the marriage of journalism and automobiles came about when Dave set a track record and decided to chronicle his efforts.

In a relatively short period of time, Dave established himself as one of the country’s leading automotive journalists. Although he has written road tests, product reviews, personality profiles and general features about a variety of subjects, he is best known for his technical articles and books. Dave brings a unique perspective to his work through his relationships with engine builders, racers and manufacturers, and extensive hands-on experience.

He also applied his hands-on approach to building Random Technology, a manufacturer of high flow catalytic converters and exhaust systems. The company grew out of Dave’s involvement with the “Legal Eagle” magazine project car. The intent of the project was to demonstrate that a car could deliver exceptional performance while also meeting exhaust emissions requirements. In the process of meeting those goals, Dave developed catalytic converters that offered significantly improved air flow capacity and began manufacturing and marketing them. Today, Random Technology is the foremost manufacturer of super high flow catalytic converters.


Magazines with bylined articles

Consumer Publications

Automobile Quarterly

Bracket Racing USA

Car Craft

Chevy High Performance

Circle Track

Corvette Fever

Corvette Enthusiast

Drag Racing Monthly

4-Wheel & Off-Road

GM High Tech Performance

Home Mechanix

Hot Rod

Road & Track


Motor Trend

Muscle Car Review

Open Road

Open Wheel

Popular Hot Rodding

Popular Science

Pontiac Enthusiast

Stock Car Racing

Super Chevy

Super Ford

Super Stock Magazine


Automotive Trade Publications

Brake & Front End*

Engine Builder*

Engine Professional*

Specialty Automotive Magazine*


Book Titles

Holley Carburetors, later retitled as Super Tuning and Modifying Holley Carburetors

Carter Carburetors (extensively revised and reprinted in 2007 as How to Modify and Rebuild Carter/Edelbrock Carburetors

Small Block Chevy Performance

Big Block Chevy Performance

Corvette Tech Q&A

How to Modify Your RX-7

The Buick Stage II V6 Racing Engine

Ford SVO V6 Racing Engine.

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