1- Walking the Assembly Line with General Motors 100- Millionth Small Block Engine Build

by Cara Barrett on January 26, 2012

Back on November 29,  I was invited to attend and participate (I actually installed one of the cylinder heads) when General Motors  built its 100-millionth small-block engine – 56 years after the first production small block – representing an engineering legacy that will never be replicated. While most of you may already know these facts,  Chevrolet introduced the small-block in 1955 and the production milestone of this engine build came in the same month the brand marked its 100th anniversary.  The milestone engine built was the already-infamous 638-horsepower supercharged LS9 small block – the power behind the 205-mph Corvette ZR1 – which is hand-built at GM’s Performance Build Center, the site of this build as well. It represents the fourth generation of the small block and is the most powerful engine ever built by GM for a regular-production car. GM will preserve the engine as part of its historical collection.

This is the first of 27 videos I shot that day..please feel free to share them all with any GM fan you may know.


Alan Colvin

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