About Alan Colvin

Born and raised near the small town of Falmouth, Kentucky, Alan has been active in the old car hobby since the early 1970s, when he purchased his first car, a 1957 Chevy; started hanging out with his mentor down the road, George King Jr., who was always working on a car and took Alan on his first wild car ride in a 1970 383/4 Speed Plymouth Roadrunner when he was 14. Alan spent many nights cruising and racing around his small town and the country roads of Kentucky.  As with many Americans, he has had a love of the automobile, especially fast automobiles, for as long as he can remember!

Early in his career, Alan owned a nationally known Chevrolet reproduction parts company (C & C Automotive Reproductions) that supplied detailed reproduction parts to the old car hobby, one of which was the first stainless steel chambered exhaust system for Camaros. His involvement in this business has given him invaluable hands-on experience in parts manufacturing in the restoration field. From 1985-2004, Alan was a freelance automotive feature writer, with articles regularly appearing in national magazines such as Corvette Fever, Super Chevy, Musclecar Review, Vette Vues, Corvette and Chevy Trader, Mustang Trader, High Performance Pontiac, Automotive Restorer, Pontiac Enthusiast, Old Cars Weekly, Chevy High Performance, as well as Corvettemagazine.com. He also authored several Q & A columns in several publications. For many years, he also was President of Colvin Media Group, Inc., a group of freelance writers and graphic designers which specialized in advertising and catalog copy and design, copy writing and online catalog publications.

One of his greatest achievement to date has been the publishing of his landmark 4-book series “Chevrolet by the Numbers” and his book “Corvette by the Numbers” which are the only authoritative references for identifying the correct Chevrolet drivetrain parts for your vehicle. These books were the first books published outside of General Motors to carry a GM part number and have been sold worldwide through the General Motors parts system. His last book in the series, Corvette by the Numbers, was published in the spring of 2002.  To date, Alan has sold more than 110,000 copies of his books! In 2000, Alan won a Gold and a Silver Medal for two articles submitted to the International Automotive Media (IAMA) Conference. He also won a Silver Medal for his “Corvette by the Numbers” book at the 2002 IAMA Conference.

Alan also served as the Editor of Corvette Fever Magazine for six years.  During his time with the magazine Alan strategically combined deep automotive knowledge and passion with industry wide best practices to significantly drive the readership of Corvette Fever magazine. He meticulously created, gathered and disseminated interesting and meaningful information to readers through a variety of media outlets. He masterfully led his design team to completely redesign the magazine and website layout resulting in an annual increase of over 70% in page views and up to an 80% annual increase in user views. Alan also developed and managed 4 concurrent project car builds including all parts acquisition based on his excellent CF advertiser relationships, multiple how-to articles and website implementation.

Alan has also been heavily involved in various automotive club activities as a past or present member of the Society of Automotive Historians, the National Monte Carlo Owners Association, the United States Camaro Club, the American Chevelle Enthusiasts Society, the Worldwide Camaro Association, and the National Corvette Restorers Society. He served as a member of the Technical Advisory Board for the United States Camaro Club and the 1965-66 Full Size Chevy Club. He has also served as a senior judge and advisor to numerous other clubs and national automotive shows. In addition to being recognized as an expert in the automotive field, Alan is well respected as a freelance writer/author in the writers market and has shared his expertise with other writers in college workshops, several college classes and statewide writers” conferences.

Alan has been married for over 20 years, has two children, one grandchild and lives near Tampa, Florida.