Tom Falconer

News April 2011 -1954 now running

September 21, 2011

Less than 9 months after acquiring our ‘desert-stored’ 1954, today the rebuilt 1962 327 V8 engine was run for the first time, fitted into the fully body-off restored 1954. Started first touch, run at very fast idle to bed in the new camshaft, oil pressure on the the Auto-meter gauges 80psi, falling to 60 psi […]

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March update on 1954 Corvette Duntov EX-87

September 9, 2011

by Tom Falconer Body now on fit lights, grills, bezels, check steering column & fit, paint dash and speaker grill, fit fuel tank, internal door handle mechs, fit gear box, clutch, make front and rear pipes, fit rad and support, fit engine pulleys share the love: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post […]

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February update on 1954 Corvette Duntov EX-87

August 24, 2011

Work carried out on our 1954 Corvette Duntov EX-87 this month. (Feb) Fitted parts to dash and mounted handbrake lever fabricated fire wall column cover plate. Made up and fitted headlight mounting units. Fabricate and weld on lower engine body mount. Test fit engine and gearbox, offer-up clutch pivot bracket and weld on, trial fit […]

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Tom Falconer Bio

August 5, 2011

Tom Falconer went to Newcastle upon Tyne in 1965 to study architecture at the University. While still a student, he bought his first Corvette, a 1966 327/350 convertible, from Eric Burdon of The Animals rock band. Tom started Claremont in 1977, buying and selling Corvettes and Corvette parts from the historic Chimney Mill Windmill in […]

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Building an EX-87 Duntov Speedster for LeMans 2011

May 25, 2011

By Tom Falconer It could hardly have looked worse, the barn-find from hell, neglected  and dried out in the sun and stripped of everything, the very definition of a basket case. It had ended up in the most south-westerly tip of England, in sunny Cornwall after an odyssey that started in Wisconsin, then south-west to […]

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