Wil Cooksey

Evaluating the Corvette C4

May 23, 2011

We are continuing with another article (#2) from Wil Cooksey. This time Wil tells us about the C4 Corvette and the problems that needed to be addressed internally at the Corvette Assembly Plant.. Evaluating the Corvette C4 By Wil Cooksey “The objectives we established for the Corvette were to maximize quality and to minimize costs […]

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Wil Cooksey Bio

April 6, 2011

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Wil Cooksey received a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Tennessee State University in 1965. He later earned a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Toledo in 1972 and completed postgraduate doctorate work in mechanical engineering at Michigan State University. A Distinguished Graduate of the […]

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Living for the Corvette Dream

April 1, 2011

By Wil Cooksey Living the dream magazine article from the Tennessean Wilmer (Wil) Cooksey Jr. (me) retired from General Motors on March 1, 2008 after thirty six years of service, sixteen of which was spent as the Corvette Plant Manager. Who would have ever thought that a little black kid from the poor side of […]

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