Car Spotting: Searching for Musclecars in the Most Unobvious of Places

by Alan Colvin on November 28, 2013

Are you like me..whenever and wherever I travel, I am constantly looking down obscure alleys , overgrown farm fields, hidden-from-obvious view fenced lots, AND behind abandoned decades-old gas stations for any musclecars that may be hiding in plain site? About 30 years ago I once found a REAL’66 Belvedere II 2-door hardtop HEMI in a fenced lot behind an abandoned fruit stand. Bought it for $225!! I also found a ’69 Z28 Camaro with bullet holes in it out in a farmers field..and when I crawled up under it..believe it or not.. it had the very rare JL8 4-wheel disc brake option. I screwed around and lost that one..but these cars are still out there waiting to be found.  Check out this article and see that everyone can have fun looking for musclecars! And don’t forget…click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button to get your FREE 7-day subscription to Restoration Highway Magazine! Enjoy!!

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