On My Way to Germany

by Cara Barrett on August 5, 2011

April 26, 2011

Hi all, so begins the cross-pond slog. United Airlines into Frankfurt tomorrow midday.

I got an e-mail from Dieter Landenberger this morning asking if we can change our interview plans with Wild Man Walter Rohrl (he’s the extraordinary driver you may remember from yesterday’s Day Zero blog launch?) It seems he cannot make it to the museum to meet us this coming Friday so, alas, we must go to his farm to meet him at home on Saturday. Which means there will be interesting trophies and photos to add to his stories!

And perhaps he has something in the barn that he might drive that might be suitable to entertain/terrify a couple of American book authors?

Drat the luck!

Sunday we head from the south of Germany to the north to meet Dieter and a Porsche video crew at an event outside of Cologne that is known as the largest Porsche gathering in Germany. I’ll be sure to include a few pix of that one. (And perhaps something of Walter driving our loaner Cayenne sideways across the hills?)

For years I’ve relied on an anti-jetlag concoction commercially available at travel stores. The newest incarnation is called JetZone. I used it on a three-day round trip to Doha, Qatar, for Excellence magazine in February. It worked superbly on that 17 1/2 hour flight east bound—I arrived 11 time zones from California and was on their time. That was important because Excellence editor Pete Stout had me working hard and fast the next morning. I’m banking on the same stuff for this trip because, as I mentioned yesterday, our first interview is with retired racing director Peter Falk. It’s scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday.

We’ll prowl the museum sometime Thursday and I’m going to ask Dieter to find me something cool—and behind the scenes—to shoot and send you all.

Stay tuned,


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